Best Black Friday Bank Deals for 2011

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A number of new checking account promotions have come out towards the end of 2011, however any avid bank deal hunter knows that Black Friday in particular is a prime time to scoop up substantial deals from banks and credit unions.

This year’s number one institution with the best Black Friday rewards comes from Service Credit Union out of New Hampshire. So for all you New Hampshire residents – have at it!

As for everyone else, scroll down to find the best nationwide bank deals available this Black Friday.

Service Credit Union’s Black Friday Bank Deals:

1) 3 month CD yielding 10% APY! – Here is a phenomenal savings account promotion especially for first time savers or students. It comes with a minimum deposit requirement of $250 and a maximum deposit of $1000. If you’re able to maximize the benefits of this offer by depositing $1k into this account, you’ll have earned almost $25 in just 3 months from your investment!

2) Open a Savings Plus Checking Account with Service Credit Union and set up a direct deposit and get a $150 bonus! This could end up being quite the lure for those looking to switch from big banks. The end of 2011 has been huge for credit unions with the threat of new checking account fees by some of the nation’s largest banks.

3) 1% off auto loans with Service Credit Union. Rates as low as 2.24% APR depending on credit history.

4) $25 new gift card with each new visa credit card opened with SCU.

Bank Deals (2011) Available Nationwide:

1) CitiBank Checking Accounts paying new account holders either $200 or $400 in gift cards depending on which checking account you sign up for.

2) ING Direct has a $50 sign up bonus for new online checking account holders. ING is well known for being a Black Friday specialist! With this checking account, you’ll get a very respectable interest rate on your balance, the largest network of free ATM’s, zero fees, and a cool 50 bucks!

3) EverBank has a $60 sign up bonus for new account holders, but you’ll need to maintain a minimum balance of $5,000 with this account to avoid fees. There is also an interest rate associated with this account. Get the run down here.

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