7 Month CD Rate Promo Yielding 2.12% APY (Georgia Only)

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"GEMC Federal Credit Union 7 Month CD"We were just tipped off on a decent CD rate promotion from a Georgia based credit union called GEMC Federal Credit Union. Thanks to BankVibe.com reader Bradley for letting us know about the deal!

Here’s the details – This is a 2012 promo (hence the 2.12% APY) and is available for the entire year to GEMC Federal Credit Union members only. Before we get into the details of the promotion (and the credit union offering it), we’d like to first make everyone aware that this interest rate is only applied to the first $1,000,so if you’re looking to dump a larger chunk of cash into a CD you may want to look elsewhere.


- 212 day CD

- 2.12% APY on amounts of $1k or less

- NCUA insured (FDIC equivalent for credit unions)

- One deposit per social security number

GEMC also has a 0-60 month term auto loan promotion featuring an APR of 2.12 % on new models (2012 or newer). Borrower must have good to great credit for approval.

Joining GEMC

GEMC has just 3 locations and they are all in Georgia – Douglasville, Dallas, and Tucker, GA. You are eligible for membership if you are an employee or family member of the electric cooperatives (excluding Flint EMC) in the state of Georgia and associated service organizations in the EMC system. GEMC FCU also serves member consumers and family members of GreyStone Power Corporation, meaning if your household receives power from GreyStone, you are eligible for membership.

Visit gemc.org for further information.

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