5 Most Creatively Designed Credit Cards

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Artists use a variety of things as their canvas: film, actual canvas, paper…and credit cards. You may not think that credit cards would be a common way for artists to express themselves, but it’s more common than you think. The following five cards were designed by artists that found their inspiration in the craziest of places—the ho-hum world of credit cards.

1. Epos Chocolate Visa

We’ll admit it—this credit card makes the list just because it looks like chocolate. This Visa card looks good enough to eat. Our favorite part? How the silver candy wrapper gleams in the sunlight, inviting you in for a bite of sweet milk chocolate. Don’t those small squares of chocolate look tempting? Are your mouths watering yet? Ours, too – but remember that looks can be deceiving and don’t try to take a bite out of this Visa card.

2. Epos Numbers Visa Credit Card

This card is yet another production of Epos International, and it may be one of their most creative cards yet. It’s simple…but startling to the eye. A black background is decorated with binary code in the same square, silver numbers that make up the actual credit card number. While this card’s design may be ingenious and is certainly interesting, it may cause some confusion in the checkout line.

3. Visa Infinite Credit Card

This credit card looks simple at a first glance. It has a basic, black background, and a lovely heart in metallic gold. And, look! In the middle of the heart is a cute little stone. Wait a second….yes, it’s true. The gold heart is actually trimmed with real gold, and that little stone in its center? A 0.02 carat diamond. This is one card you don’t want to lose.

4. Dragon MasterCard

This Asian-influenced card will certainly get other people’s attention—look at those bright colors and that smooth, attractive design! The artist even took full advantage of the crimson background by etching gold-colored, swirly designs behind the dragon. This is one card that all lovers of Asian art will covet. We’ve only seen this card offered with Capital One, if you have this design from another card issuer, let us know about it!

5. Epos New Kind of Visa Credit Card

We saved the best for last (in our opinion, anyway). This is yet another result of Epos International’s collaborated efforts with Visa and a slew of artists. This card shows off a pair of shiny braces on a somewhat creepy smile. We also enjoy the color combinations on this one. And we’ll bet it freaks out merchants everywhere when it’s whipped out of a wallet!

These are just five of the most creative and artistically designed credit cards that have been on the market at one time or another. In the future, maybe you can get a card as cool as one of these five!

This is a guest post by Katrina Robinson. Katrina is a guest blog writer who specializes in health, finances, and credit cards at creditcardassist.com.

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