15 month CD yielding 3.25% APY through Buckhead Community Bank

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Update: Buckhead Community Bank, based out of Atlanta, GA, is no longer offering this 15 month CD promotion. Visit our top 12 month CD rates or 24 month CD rates to see who offers today’s top APY’s.

Buckhead Community Bank is a relatively small bank with just under 100 employees and only 8 branches in Georgia. Since they were established in 1998, Buckhead Community Bank has grown to just under $995 million in assets. To get a better idea of CD rates in Georgia you can comb through our archives to see if any promotional deals are currently available.

Interest rates in general have flat lined at these historically low rates and, according to the FDIC, aren’t expected to rise until at least 2014.

- Offer from Archive -

There is a phenomenal 15 month certificate of deposit offer going on through Buckhead Community Bank of Atlanta, Georgia. Currently their 15 month CD promotion is yielding a whopping 3.25% APY (minimum deposit amount is $500).

Thanks to BankVibe.com reader Alicia for submitting this abnormally lucrative rate!

About Buckhead Community Bank (Atlanta, Georgia):

(as seen on their website)

With roots deep in Atlanta and its vision fixed firmly on its home community, The Buckhead Community Bank promises the kind of personal service and local decision-making that both business and individual customers have been looking for.

“Our goal is relationship banking,” says President and CEO Marvin Cosgray. “We want our customers to know they’ll receive more personal attention, that they can deal with the top officers of the bank, rather than branch managers. And, they can be sure we won’t nickel-and-dime them with nuisance charges.”

Among the innovative services the bank offers is on-site check printing; customers don’t have to wait for personalized checks when they open a new account. For people on the go, an especially attractive feature is fee-free ATM usage – anywhere in the world. The bank also offers MasterCard, Visa and a business credit card program for commercial customers.

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