10% APY CD Rate from NuVision Federal Credit Union!

September 24, 2011 3 Comments »

Wow! Here is one of the best CD rate deals we’ve seen in quite some time. In fact, even when CD rates as a whole were providing much higher interest rates than they are now we never saw a product quite this lucrative.

NuVision Federal Credit Union is having a grand opening special in their downtown Los Angeles branch in which customers can secure themselves a 10 month CD yielding a whopping 10% APY! That’s more than 10x the national average for these products!

If you’re eligible, you’ll only be able to open the CD with a $1,000 deposit (no more, no less) and it will automatically roll into a 6 month CD upon maturity.

Only one person per family can take advantage of this deal and it’s only available through October 7th, so act fast!

You’ll have to stop into their downtown Los Angeles branch to open the deposit.

Thanks to BankVibe.com reader Amit for alerting us on this amazing deal!

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  • Daarren

    It looks like a sweet deal, but you can only invest 1k so you are really just getting $100 to open a bank account with them.

    I’d rather take a $100 up front bonus for an account that I doesn’t require me to keep 1000 locked up for 1 and a half years

  • Mike

    Its a great deal for kids to sign up and learn about savings.

  • BankVibe

    @ Mike, it’s perfect for kids! The 10% APY allows for easy math and enough $$ in returns to keep them interested!